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Samsung is guided by a singular vision: to lead the digital convergence movement. They believe that through technology innovation today, they will find the solutions they need to address the challenges of tomorrow. From technology, comes opportunity - for businesses to grow, for citizens in emerging markets to prosper by tapping into the digital economy, and for people to invent new possibilities. It's their aim to develop innovative technologies and efficient processes that create new markets, enrich people's lives and continue to make Samsung a trusted market leader.

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Smart Dial. Air Fry. Wi-Fi connectivity. Cooking has never been so effortless. The new Smart Dial learns your behavior automatically and creates shortcuts to your cooking preferences, for simplified menu settings with the turn of a dial. Quickly prepare your favorite fried foods right in your oven. The new, built-in, Air Fry mode uses little to no oil, for healthier* cooking, and the Air Fry Tray comes included.

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samsung appliances for sale

Do it all from your fridge

Whether you're a top chef or just the opposite, our ovens, cooktops, microwaves and accessories make it easy to get perfect results at every meal.

The Family Hub™ is the central station for your entire house. With access to more than 5,000 third-party products and services through the SmartThings app, you can see who's at the door, watch TV, adjust the lights in other rooms and much more. Look inside the Family Hub™ from your phone. Find recipes and order the groceries you need. Preheat the oven, and adjust cook time and temperature, all from the Family Hub™ screen.

See who's at the door, monitor other rooms and watch TV from the Family Hub™. Share calendars and photos, send notes and more. The Family Hub™ keeps your family in sync. Stocked with everything you need The Family Hub™ comes preloaded with dozens of features. Customize your screen and run all aspects of your life directly from your fridge. Keep tabs on everything happening in and around your home from your refrigerator — the Family Hub™ is compatible with more than 5,000 products and services.


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